Lake Havasu's Local Pet Supply Store


Welcome to Beautiful Beards Boutique 

At Beautiful Beards Boutique you'll find an array of toys, treats and gear for your fur friend. We also have a variety of owner selected premium dry, wet and canned dog food. If your fur friend prefers raw we have a good selection of frozen raw foods in our freezer. Don't forget to check our ice creams, yogurts and cookies. If you are looking for the latest in fashion, we have clothing and many accessories to suit your needs. We also carry designer collars, leashes and harnesses including martingale and other fashionable designs for our fur friendly pullers. Our outdoor enthusiast customers will love browising through our different life jackets, dog boots, and goggles for our furry friends. Keep in mind, we also carry all the latest in joint support and cbd supplements for our aging furry pals. After you are done browsing our products you may notice our self-serve bathing stations. For those of you who prefer to wash your own fur friend, we have 2 well equipped self-serve bathing stations with all the latest and greatest to suit your pets needs. Thanks for checking us out and we hope to see you soon.